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USP Suggestions

Build trust and brand recognition with customers and look professional with a personalized email address using your domain name like

  • Connect Gmail to Inbox ----


- Connect your Gmail account to Wix Inbox so that any emails you send through your Wix account (e.g. contact form responses, communication about store orders etc.) will come from your personal email address. You'll also be able to see your sent emails in your Gmail account.

Before you suggest:

- Make sure that the user has a Gmail account.

While implementing suggest:

-Make sure the user signs into the Gmail account and clicks Allow.

What is considered successful implementation:

- The user's email will be sent from their own Gmail address (instead of

Suggestion description

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means making your website more readable to search engines so they can better index your site. This improves search accuracy and the relevance of search results.

- To create your SEO plan, go to SEO Tools in your site's dashboard and add your business information and keywords. After you've created your plan, you can follow the steps to make your site easier to find online.

Before you suggest, please note

- Only site owners and admin contributors can access the SEO Wiz. It is not available to back-office managers.

- Your site must be connected to a domain to connect to Google Search Console through the SEO Wiz. (next task part 2 of SEO wiz).

What is considered a successful implantation

Add the business name, location, and 3 keywords and click create a plan.

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